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5 months Ago

2017 Migration from ESXi 5.5 to Proxmox 5.0

Published on in Technology

Here at Encodo, we host our services in our own infrastructure which, after 12 years, has grown quite large. But this article is about our migration away from VMWare.

So, here’s how we proceeded:

We set up a test environment as close as possible to the new one before buying the new server, to test everything. This is the first time we had contact with software raids and it’s monitoring capabilities.

Install the Hypervisor

Installation time, here it goes:

  • Install latest Proxmox[1]: This is... [More]

5 years Ago

Happy cake day, Encodo!

Published on in Encodo News (en)

 The 2013 CakeAnother year has passed: Encodo is now 8 years old as of last Friday. We couldn’t celebrate at that day though because we are busy bees. So we wish a very happy belated cake day to Encodo!

Happy Birthday Encodo!

Published on in Encodo News (de)

 The 2013 CakeUnd wieder ist ein weiteres Jahr vergangen: Am Freitag wurde Encodo 8 Jahre alt. Zum Feiern kam es jedoch erst am Montag; am Freitag waren wir alle zu beschäftigt. In diesem Sinne, etwas verspätet: Happy Birthday Encodo!